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This is a 2-day event that I have recently did as a photographer. Above are some the images that are taken by me and some have been slightly edited to enhance the images. This event is the Glory Cup: Arena Of Valor brought together by Garena together with SCOGA and Razer. For more image, please refer to the album here.

Below are some images taken that was uploaded by Garena AOV into their album.

Now am currently working with this client of mine to create graphic and promotional content for their pub to be posted on their Facebook page.

The above banners and Facebook posts are requested by a client who is in the event sector dealing with kids' celebration. Design request is based on client's art direction and information are provided by client. 

These are graphic content created to be posted on social media for a client. Basically, it covers their Mondays to Sundays promotion of their bar as well as their October promotion.
This banner is designed for a client who is creating an app for the F & B industry. Banners are to be used in events that they are attending to showcase their product to partners and their potential investors.

With a client's request for helping them with social media marketing and graphic design work, these are the posters, web banners, ad banners designed for digital and social media usage on events that they are hosting.