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Event Photo Album: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 & 4 / Day 5 / After Party

This is a small event called 'Pub Stomp', held by Colosseum during "The International 3' for Dota 2. As the marketing executive, proposal for the event is to be done with planning, budgeting, and co-ordination. Also, graphic collateral are to be created and printed by sourced printing supplier before event begins. The first 3 images are the posters printed of the event information and are also digitally posted in the Facebook of the company. Follow on by the design of the event pass in which each customer who purchased the ticket would received. The fifth image is the voting ticket designed for the mini games that took place during the event. The last image is the signage design that was hanged over the counter area to mimic the in-game shop.
Aside from all the designs, my colleague and I took turns as photographer to shoot the whole event happening while I oversee and manage the execution of the event. Please refer to the above links to view the exciting event that took place.

All photos and images in this website are copyright by Berlinda Lau. All rights reserved.