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Topic chosen for Fashion Audi Star Creation Competition
First design entry for Audi Star Creation 2014Second design entry for Audi Star Creation 2014Third design entry for Fashion Design CompetitionForth design entry for Fashion Design CompetitionFifth design entry for Fashion Design CompetitionLast design entry for AudiStar Creation 2014This is the compilation of fashion design entry 1 to 6 for the Audi Star Creation Competition 2014
After graduating for 2 years from Lasalle, a submission was made by me for the Singapore Audi Star Creation Competition 2014. A total of a collection of 6 outfits were to be designed with the theme, Fusion. This theme reminds me of Singapore, a fusion of race, cultures and traditions, which lead me to the thought of grabbing elements from the different cultures in Asia. Thus, in this collection that was designed, it will be based on a fusion of traditional outfits in modern century within Asia, selectively from Thailand, Japan, Korea and China.

The first image contains a synopsis of my interpretation of the theme. Following on are the 6 pieces of designed outfits for the collection. Lastly, is the compilation of all the 6 designed with all its technical flats, as well as the chosen fabrics.