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Photograph of a dish taken from the front view with lighting
Photograph of a dish from top view filled with egg, kailan, cabbage, enokitake and noodlePhotograph of Thai BBQ electric cooker, cut hotdogs, fishballs, sliced beef, sliced pork meat, sliced fish, prawns, curry sauceImage of Thai BBQ cooker, enokitake, kailan, fishballs, sliced beef, bacon strips, noodle, cuttlefish, sliced fish, prawns, rolled up meat platterFood being filled up on the thai bbq cooker for photo takingPhoto of someone using chopstick to grab raw prawnPicture of someone holding on chopstick grabbing a cooked grilled prawnPicture of someone using chopstick for cooking bbq grilled food and grabbing meatImage of someone using chopstick and cooking in smoke for bbqPicture of hand holding chopstick for cooking thai bbq grilled food
This is a one time project for a client, Mook's, in the Food and Beverage industry. Client owns a shop promoting Mookata, a thai grilled bbq food. Project is to provide food photography services for his new store, edit the images taken, design a flyer and shop front banners. Check out here for the graphic design service provided.

All photos and images in this website are copyright by Berlinda Lau. All rights reserved.