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The first 3 images are designed for Guardians Of The City. The first 2 images are designed based on the branding theme for this segment. 3rd image was created by another of my fellow colleague, in which I provided the link to purchase the original illustrator file (.ai) from shutterstock. Thereafter I re-created the whole graphic due to bad resolution provided and further fine tuned the colors as well as the placement of images, which is shown in the 4th image.

The 5th image is the design of plaques and medals for National Digital Arts Championship. The 6th image is the original design (the before) provided by White Rabbit Creamy Candy in a smaller file size that was not of the right size and proportion. This wall mural (the after) in the 6th image was edited so that the image looks more complete and does not blow of out proportion. The last image a standee banner designed by me for White Rabbit Creamy Candy to be placed in the roadshows as well as the event site itself.

All photos and images in this website are copyright by Berlinda Lau. All rights reserved.