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This is a collective of graphic work requested by my client and done over the past 6 months. It includes flyers, name card and banners. The first 2 images are in digital format of flyers. 3rd image is the chosen copy by my client and printed. 4th & 5th is the digital copy of another flyer. 6th & 7th is the name card related to the 4th & 5th image. The following 8th & 9th is the digital copy of another of my client's name card. The 10th & 11th is the printed out copy in which they are very satisfied. 12th image is a 1m by 3m banner to be hanged at the store front and the 13th and 14th image is a standing banner.
This banner is designed for a client who is creating an app for the F & B industry. Banners are to be used in events that they are attending to showcase their product to partners and their potential investors.

All photos and images in this website are copyright by Berlinda Lau. All rights reserved.