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This is a client of mine who recently opened a scooter shop in Yishun and in need of a logo, thus have a few variation created. The name of the company/ shop is call Scooter Paradise. The last logo is the finalised logo chosen by the client himself.

Now am currently working with this client of mine to create graphic and promotional content for their pub to be posted on their Facebook page. Below is one of the post in their facebook page.

All photos and images in this website are copyright by Berlinda Lau. All rights reserved.
This banner is designed for a client who is creating an app for the F & B industry. Banners are to be used in events that they are attending to showcase their product to partners and their potential investors.

All photos and images in this website are copyright by Berlinda Lau. All rights reserved.

The above are all social media marketing post created by me for the partners and sponsors that are supporting the Campus Game Fest 2016. Even the graphic visual content are all self designed for posting. Among the images are also screenshots of the posts' statistics in which the reach out to the audiences are all organic and engaging. Below are other content created to regulate and keep the audiences engaged.

Flyer designed for Mook's to promote store opening for food
This is a one time request from a company who is providing wifi devices for people who is traveling. Their request was simple. To create a decal to provide their customers to put up in their cars when they rent the wifi devices and the decal have to be striking enough to capture attention.

These are the various logo designs created for a few clients.

All logos are copyrighted.

This is another proposed marketing strategy for customer acquisition as well as retention. It's the design of the loyalty cards for both Arcadia as well as Colosseum. A detailed marketing proposal with budgeting and costing was created as well.

This was designed for a client who requested for packaging design on their new coffee release. The packaging design service requested includes the sachet design for the coffee powder and the packaging to contain all the individual sachets.

This is a one time job from a client who just needed a new banner for his website. His request was simple. Just something nice that would fit into his website for New Year greeting and also for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Thus, this is the outcome for the web banners and he was very satisfied with the created banners.