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During my project in CGF 2017, article content creation is one of the many responsibilities tasked. These are the few articles that were written, including the links to the articles itself.

Upon taking up the role of a Marketing Executive for the project, Campus Game Festival, in 2016, churning out articles is one of the tasks that was being responsible for. The whole idea of the articles are to create content in relation to gaming as well as to promote their main partners. Creating the link and connection wasn't easy as it requires creativity, a story connection or link, as well as research and new ideas so as not to replicate contents that are already out there.
Below are some of the many articles that was created for 2016, including the link to the site in which the article is publish:

These are some articles I have written for an ad-hoc job. Topic and subject will be given by the client and I just churn an article out for usage. Client mentioned that it is to be posted in a blog but refused to provide me with the link to the posting.