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This whole website is created by me alone. It's just something simple in which I use to display my portfolio to all my viewing potential clients. Nothing fanciful.

These are the functions of the website:
  • Ability to post images and videos in post format in
  • Menu bar at the left side with further drop down function
  • Pages with list of my services offer as well as my CV
  • Contact page with the following functions:
    • To call me via mobile (need to use mobile phone)
    • To whatsapp me via mobile (need to use mobile phone)
    • Email me directly
    • Drop a message to me on my page
  • All social media icons that links to my social media channels
So if you are interested in creating a simple website or even a more complex e-commerce site, do contact me for more information! Check out under Categories>Websites for more websites by me.

During my project in CGF 2017, article content creation is one of the many responsibilities tasked. These are the few articles that were written, including the links to the articles itself.

There are a total of 9 roadshows that were organised all on different dates and venues: SIM, NP, NYP, SP, RP, TP, ITE CC, ITE CW, ITECE. From planning, to getting hold of the venues by liaising with these various institutions, logistics arrangements, updating partners and sponsors to inform them about the roadshows, execution of the roadshow including set up and tear downs, hiring of manpower, updating in social media channels, graphic design of collateral for roadshow.

Below are the albums posted/updated by me in CGF Facebook's page: *Photo credits to Playful Pictures

Temasek Polytechnic (TP) 1-11-17

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) 25-10-17

Republic Polytechnic (RP) 23-10-17

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) 19-10-17

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) 16-10-17

Institute of Technical Education College West (ITE CW) 11-10-17

Institute of Technical Education College Central (ITE CC) 9-10-17

Institute of Technical Education College East (ITE CE) 5-10-17

Singapore Institute Management (SIM) 27-10-17

This is a training workshop for the students participating in the Guardians Of The City Tournament 2017 that is planned, liaised, coordinated, and managed. There were more than 20 participating schools and a total of 64 teams of 5 participants for the tournament. Schools were contacted via the traditional method and details of the content were emailed to the teachers in charge. Thereafter, arrangements were made to coordinate and schedule the training sessions for the students. This workshop updates the students on the latest expansion pack, rules and regulations, how to play the card game, strategies, brainstorming, teamwork as well as to promote gaming in a holistic approach. 

Below is the album in their Facebook, which all the photos are taken by me: 

All photos and images in this website are copyright by Berlinda Lau. All rights reserved.